“I am delighted to recommend Janos Novak and J Dewers framing studio. I have used Janos framing services personally and professionally for ten years now.  I have recommended Janos to friends, family, and art world contacts dozens of times, always with the best results.

Janos is the rare framer with an eye for both quality and value.  His decades of experience working with rare, antique frames, materials and artwork make his studio the obvious choice for delicate and unique objects.  At the same time, he understands value and is the best I have seen at producing museum quality results at a range of price points.  Highly recommend!”

~ Charles E. Castle, Deputy Director and CFO Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

“I have known Janos Novak and his work since he acquired J. Dewers in 2000. Over the years he has framed a number of works for my personal collection. Mr. Novak also framed a group of etchings by Jasper Johns for an exhibition I curated at USD in 2009.    

At The San Diego Museum of Art, we have called upon Janos for large and small projects, including stock frames for permanent collection items. In 2001 Janos framed a major collection of rock posters for the exhibition, High Societies. In that same year he also provided framing demonstrations in conjunction with the exhibition, the Frame in America: 1860-1960. Recently Janos re-framed twelve paintings and works on paper by German Expressionist artists.

Mr. Novak is a skilled technician with great experience in joinery, finishes and gilding. He is also well versed in conservation standards and is extremely sensitive in finding the right presentation for individual works of art.”

~ John Digesare, Registrar The San Diego Museum of Art

“As a member of San Diego’s arts community for the last twenty-eight years, I am writing this letter in support of Janos Novak, proprietor of J. Dewers framing. Janos is a consummate craftsman, knowledgeable and meticulous in the execution of his craft as a maker and restorer of frames.

At J. Dewers all work is performed to exacting museum standards for archival framing of art objects. Having worked as a preparator at the Balboa Art Conservation Center for more than seventeen years, no one else in the county compares to his depth and breadth of knowledge in the field. Janos has trained his staff to execute their work using stringent archival methods, and as a result, he has built a well deserved reputation for being San Diego’s premier art framer. J. Dewers can handle work on frames ranging from intricately carved and gilded, to the most contemporary.

As a small business, J. Dewers is also nimble and able to react to his clients’ deadline needs in ways that larger more ponderous organizations cannot. Janos and his staff also work in situ, restoring and installing all manner of large framed works on site. I highly recommended J. Dewers to businesses, collectors, artists, galleries and private individuals.”

~ Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Photographer